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Medical administrative also referred as the medical and health service manger has an extensive role to play differing from department to department, like working around finances, technology, facilities and human resources for the efficient operation of a healthcare organization and are required to possess a special set of skills and knowledge regarding the functioning of the medical community to fulfill their responsibilities.

Ispecialist is the best platform for the placement of administrative staffs with a specific set of skills and expertise. Administrative staffs in varying roles and levels are continually asked for contractual or permanent positions by our clients and we make sure our clients are provided with candidates of the highest caliber to achieve their organizational goals.

Some of the basic requirements of administrative professionals are

  • GCSE equivalent in English and Maths
  • Very good communicative skills
  • Basic IT skills
  • Basic Financial and Management skills

Over ten years, we have been recruiting different administrative staffs for the NHS trusts and other private organizations. Mostly we provide Physiotherapists, Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists and radiographers.

So, if you have skills and experience on specified medical administrative role, come and join us online and we will help you join NHS for temporary and permanent jobs as many opportunities are available on a daily basis from a contractual professional bond with our trusted clients.

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