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You can easily register with us by uploading the required documents which are given below. Once you have registered, a member of staff will be in contact with you to go through your application.

With iSpecialist Medical Recruitment, you’ll get easy access to enrol. All you will need are:

1. Curriculum Vitae

An up-to-date CV with any years’ of your work history with any employment gaps fully explained. It should include full work history and have written evidence of all relevant education background. You should include your grade specialty and any other training sessions undertaken.

2. Passport

A copy of your passport with appropriate Visa stamp.

3. References

Minimum of at least three up-to-date references contact details.

4. Passport Size Photos

At least 2 passport size photos (for ID Badge) with your name written on back.

5. Occupational Health Screening Status

Occupational Health Screening Status and EPP if you have. Your GP should be able to give you a letter confirming your status. If you have been recently employed by NHS, then you should be able to obtain a copy from the Occupational Health Department.

6. Certificates of your Qualifications

Copies of your graduate and postgraduate qualifications.

7. GMC Certificate of Registration

GMC certificate levels include provisional registration, full registration, temporary registration, specialist registration and GP registration.

8. Additional Documents:

  • Any other training certificates you have.
  • IMG Certificate if applicable
  • Work Permit if applicable

After registration, your details will be entered onto our database. We will instantly search for jobs that match your preferences; we will then set you up with calls for your perfect locum positions. Make sure you provide us all the details. We give priority to those doctors who get easily connected with us and keep in touch.

For more information, call us 0845 519 9201!

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